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Oh wow, cannabis-based composite in x-ray scanners can avoid radiation!

Oh wow, cannabis-based composite in x-ray scanners can avoid radiation!

A turkish research and development business has arrived up with ways to prevent radiation due to airport x-ray scanners from spreading to your environment. Just How? By making use of cannabis!

TechnoArge developed an x-ray scanner that works on the cannabis-based composite.

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Muzaffer Gokcimen, TechnoArge manager that is general explained that cannabis being a composite product obstructs radiation emissions. More particularly, the commercial cannabis dietary fiber found in the creating of composites absorbs radiation.

Gokcimen included that the airport scanner utilizing the composite that is cannabis-based additionally disinfects luggage throughout the scanning process.

He stated that their x-ray scanner ended up being patented in 144 countries.

Why, what’s incorrect with the standard x-ray scanner?

In line with the British Institute of Radiology, the x-ray baggage that is standard scanners that airports are employing today emit a tremendously low-dose radiation.

Just radiation that is low-dose but radiation nonetheless.

Cannabis-based composite for bullet-proof vest and automotive materials, too

TechnoArge, which can be headquartered into the Avcilar region in Istanbul, is also attempting to develop a bullet-proof vest utilizing cannabis composite.

Gokcimen stated why these vests are lighter consequently they are 20 times more durable when compared with standard vests that are bullet-proof. What’s more, these cannabis-based bests are less costly.

Irrespective of vests, the organization can be developing supplies that are automotive cannabis composites. They truly are focusing on to produce these automotive items in per year.

Cannabis cultivation in Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced recently that 19 urban centers in the nation have been authorized to create low-THC cannabis primarily for commercial purposes. More are required to obtain licenses later on.

Cannabis can be used as raw material for textile, cosmetic makeup products, automotive, biodiesel, construction, meals, and paper items. Nevertheless, the cultivation of cannabis flowers in Turkey happens to be limited since the 1990s so that you can avoid the creation of cannabis as leisure drug.

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